WillBox - What is it?


An easy, digital solution for storing, securing, and transferring your legacy.

WillBox helps people around the world manage their digital legacy and information, including their last will and testament, passwords, documents, photos, videos, messages, and much more.

Willbox walks you through the process of how to create a digital archive. Your information is stored in a secure place and kept protected until after you pass away with Willbox’s digital archiving software.

Privacy and data security are our top priorities, and we use the very best security methods to ensure your data is safe from loss or theft.

You choose a list of recipients who will be able to access your information only after your death, and only they will have access when the time is right, and only after you pass away with secure sharing of your digital files.

Life brings unexpected and unforeseen events. Accidents, illnesses, and other untimely situations put your loved ones at risk of not being able to access important information when they need it most.

WillBox handles that work for you, when you’re no longer around to manage it yourself. Your loved ones will be provided access to your digital legacy without any additional stress or discomfort. Digital archives that you don’t want shared will be destroyed. You will rest having complete peace of mind.

Prepare for the Unexpected and the Inevitable

  • Leave a personalized message of love and support for your loved ones
  • Communicate your last wishes
  • Ease the process of managing your inheritance
  • Support your designated heirs without causing them undue stress
  • Ensure your last will and testament is communicated to everyone you choose, and only those you choose

WillBox - Why Choose Us?

  • Secure, encrypted data storage
  • Protect and communicate your digital legacy
  • LifeCheck periodically monitors your situation
  • You choose who can access your information
  • Secure data destruction of information you don’t wish to share
  • Information for banks, insurance, real estate, and investments
  • Login credentials and passwords for online accounts
  • Documents, photos, videos, etc.
  • Information regarding your last will and testament
  • Professional needs and requests
  • Personalized messages for your loved ones and heirs.
  • In case of premature or sudden death
  • In old age
  • In case of accidents
  • In case of illness
  • In the event of an operation or medical procedure
  • In the event of travel for business or pleasure
  • High risk professionals (public servants like firefighters, police officers, military, etc.)
  • When you practice dangerous or risky sports
  • When you wish to safeguard personal information, documents, or ownership of assets in case of divorce or separation
  • Notes and texts
  • Files, documents, photographs, video, and audio in any format (e.g., docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, jpg, png, tif, zip, rar, mp3, avi, mkv, etc.)
  • Login credentials, passwords, and PIN numbers

What Kind of Information Can I Share with WillBox for my Digital Archives?

  • Current accounts (foreign or national)
  • Deposit accounts
  • Life and health insurance policies
  • Investments
  • Unknown debt or credit situation
  • Real Estate (e.g., houses, land, properties, etc.)
  • Financial services (e.g., home banking, PayPal, bank safety deposit box codes, credit/debit cards. PIN numbers
  • Personal codes - (e.g., home alarm codes, home safety deposit box or safe codes, PIN numbers
  • Login credentials and passwords for online services (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Email, Twitter, Skype, iTunes, dropbox, gdrive, One Drive, etc.)
  • Login credentials and passwords for your devices (e.g., computers, tablets, and smartphones)
  • Notarized real estate
  • Latest income statement
  • Contracts
  • Private deeds
  • Patents
  • A personalized letter for you children
  • Children not recognized
  • Confidential information or secrets you wish to communicate in the event of a sudden death
  • Advise those outside of your family in the event of a need to send information or documents
  • Messages to close friends
  • Diaries, life lessons, cookbooks, personal reflections, letters to your family members.