Protect and share your digital legacy, online assets and digital will and testament

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Have you ever thought about your legacy?

An unexpected? Is your job dangerous? Are you into extreme sports? Want to make the life of your loved ones more serene? will help you share your digital legacy, last wills and online assets before…


Make sure it isn’t too late!

Leave safely your most important digital legacy, wills, online assets and choose who to share them with when you’ll no longer be able to deal with them. Using our service you will be able to give fiduciary access to your digital assets using simple and secure tools.

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Your digital legacy will be safe!

Thanks to special security protocols and procedures for accessing data, you can be sure that your data will be share with the ones you care most. Your heirs will be able to access your online assets, wills, digital properties and digital legacy only after your death. You can choose to give access to your family members or closest friends.

Service features

Personal Archive

You can save your documents, passwords, photos and videos and leave them to your heirs. You can also leave login access to your social media and online accounts or share fiduciary access to your digital assets.

Secure Sharing

Key codes required to access your data are sent securely with a personalized message to your heirs. However they won't be able to access your online legacy, digital will and testament before you leave.

Confidentiality cannot access any of your data because it does not retain any access key in any way. We protect your privacy and store your online legacy using the best encryption protocols.

Messages for heirs

Leave messages, wills and personalized videos to your heirs.

Preserve your valuable data

Using our simple web interface you’ll be able to save passwords for access to online services and any other important information (ex: PIN, N. Identity cards, N. Passport, Alarm Code, Safety Deposit Boxes, Credit Cards, etc.).

Customizable checks LifeCheck procedure can be customized to suite your needs.

Synchronization with the cloud

Soon you’ll can able to synchronize your data directly from the main Cloud Storage services.

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All data is transferred securely via SSL 2048 bit and stored encrypted in AES 256 bit on servers.

Secure Destruction

Data not shared with your heirs will be destructed using Secure Data Destruction DoD 5220.2M standard.


At the suggestion of a friend I used WillBox to leave my son a letter for when he grows up in case something terrible happened to me. I also left a photo of the two of us together.

Monica C. - Roma (Italy)
Monica C.
Roma (Italy)

Thanks to WillBox I can leave my last wishes to my children and grandchildren and tell them where I put my last will and testament.

Gianni C. - Lugano (Svizzera)
Gianni C.
Lugano (Svizzera)

My lawyer advised me to use WillBox to communicate to my wife all the information of my inheritance and our possessions for tranquility about the future.

Mark C. - Londra (United Kingdom)
Mark C.
Londra (United Kingdom)

With WillBox I was able to leave confidential information to my partners to keep the company going.

Luc M. - New York - USA
Luc M.
New York - USA

I use WillBox to prevent my son and my daughter from quarreling when I am gone. I also left specific instructions on my last wishes for those who will be looking after my animals.

Erwin S. - Francoforte (Germania)
Erwin S.
Francoforte (Germania)

I travel often and what if something happens to me? With WillBox I have the peace of mind leaving all my information and my last wishes.

Juan B. - Barcellona (Spagna)
Juan B.
Barcellona (Spagna)