WillBox.me is a service that can help you manage to time all the digital information about you such as passwords, documents, photos, videos, messages , and much more. Your information will be kept safely until you can deal with them directly. By defining a list of recipients,only when you will no longer be able to deal with them for example in the case of unforeseen events, accidents, diseases, etc. will be shared with them the serenity to your loved ones.

Privacy and data security are, for WillBox.me, two key features of the service that will allow you to use a valid tool of preservation of your valuable data even during normal daily life.


Register free at WillBox.me and upload all data you want to protect for the future. Once you have defined your recipients will be WillBox.me to ensure the complete security of your information and thanks to Life Check you can sleep soundly!

Sign up
starts to leave your information and will

Upload information important for you
e.g. files, photos, passwords, documents, etc. everything is encrypted

You decide
who to allocate your data

Generates access keys
and send them to the heirs

Sets the Life Check
that will periodically check your presence in life


When the Life Check fails, it triggers the process of secure data delivery to the designated recipient in a few steps.

When the Life Check verifies that you are no longer alive

Your designated recipients receive an email/SMS reporting the ability to access your data

The digital content is decrypted and made available to recipients designated by you