Keeping Personal Information Private

In the movie Final Cut, Robin Williams plays Alan Hakman, a man who edits memories for a living. The premise is set in the future. Technology has advanced and allows implanted devices to record all the scenes in one’s life. When someone dies, Hakman downloads the memories and carefully edits them to compose a film which is shown at their funeral. Of course, only the best memories are depicted, while Hakman cuts the rest out.

Keeping Personal Information Private

Though we don’t have microchips in our heads recording all our actions (yet), technology has made it difficult to preserve our individual privacy. As it stands, our loved ones can access scads of information we may not want anyone to know. Our personal computers, cell phones, iPods, iPads and other devices often hold our secrets. A few possibilities are: email correspondence, instant messaging conversations, personal video, downloaded movies, problematic photos, questionable (or bootleg) apps, private writings in Word (journals, letters, fiction, poetry, notes), yearly budgets, bank account information—essentially anything you don’t want to share.

The thing is that our thoughts and perceptions are unique, but we won’t be around to explain anything discovered. Our loved ones may reach their own conclusions from the limited information they have at hand. So what do you do?

Delete Files

The easiest, but least sure way, is deleting files. However, this can be cumbersome and isn’t a solution to address complete erasure. Plus, if any of your loved ones knows computers, (s)he may be able to reassemble your files and have the motivation to do so. First of all, you will require a well-trusted individual to erase the files upon your death and provide that individual with a detailed list of the file names and their file extensions to delete. Of course, it is better to choose someone knowledgeable to carry out your instructions. is a trusted, reliable site to utilize for these types of deletions. is dedicated to securing your information.

Wipe the Hard Drive Completely

If you feel strongly about keeping your information private, wiping the hard drive in its entirety is the way to go. The United States Department of Defense offers guidelines for choosing the best method. Go to and/or for more information.

What you will find at these sites is necessary, detailed, technical information.  However, unless you work within the computer industry, you may not understand the material. The most effective option is to choose professional guidance and administration. For this reason, your best move is to appoint someone reliable and knowledgeable to take charge upon your death. At we take care of all aspects needed for your wishes to be carried out without unforeseen complications.

Go to for information on keeping your privacy, establishing a virtual last will, leaving a digital legacy, creating a virtual safe deposit box and/or insuring online asset protection. Whether you use a PC or a Mac, can take care of all your needs.