Documents to leave before you die

Some documents your loved will require:

When you die, your loved ones will face moving on through life without your physical presence. Usually there is initial shock accompanied by a series of important decisions to make. Your loved ones will want to make the right decisions—the choices that will please you the most. Of course, you will want them to have an easy time of it. No matter what, there will be a lot to make arrangements for.

Documents to leave before you die
  • Burial plot, casket and headstone
  • Funeral scheduling and program
  • Locating your will and other notable documents
  • Arranging for the disbursement of personal effects
  • Examining your financial standings
  • Seeing to any online social media or financial accounts and pertinent user names and password.
  • Managing any unresolved financial (or otherwise) complications

To make it easier and less stressful for your loved ones, keep the information handy. This will prevent the need for long hours searching through desks, closets and shelves. There is much more to the process than you may think. Some documents your loved will require:

  • Copy of the your will
  • Copy of your advance directive (DNR)
  • Trust agreements (if applicable)
  • Bank account information (checking, savings, money market, etc.)
  • Name of your power-of-attorney appointee and applicable documentation
  • Name of your health care appointee and applicable documentation
  • Social media accounts, user names, passwords (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Internet purchasing accounts user names, passwords (Amazon, eBay, etc.)
  • Copy of your mortgage and/or loan agreements
  • Location and information on your safe deposit box
  • Copies of your insurance policies (life, health, car and home)
  • Location and applicable documentation for all credit and debit cards
  • Income tax documents (W-2, 1040, 1099, tax returns)
  • Retirement accounts (401(k), IRAs, Roth IRAs, pension plans)
  • Investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds)
  • Property titles and deeds (land, real estate, motor vehicles)
  • Proof of identity (social security car, birth certificate, prenuptial agreements, marriage certificates, divorce settlements
  • Household bills (electric, gas, water, sewer, cable, internet, phone
  • Health care information (bill statements, doctor names, pending appointments, medications)
  • Names and information on any professionals who helped generate wills, trusts, accounts (attorneys, insurance agents, brokers)

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